Many environmental programs address polluted land for commercial use; however, there is now a heightened awareness of environmental quality for residential properties.  The Healthy Roots Project®, fueled by The Mahfood Group LLC ®, has been launched to promote awareness of environmental risks associated with residential properties.  In particular, the Project focuses on soil and indoor air “health”.

Great Expectations:  Gain Confidence in Your Home's Environmental Safety - Inside and Out.  Every home buyer expects that their home will be a great experience for themselves and their families.  "Healthy Roots" gives them the assurance that their expectations are being met at the most fundamental levels.

Think about it. We build residential developments, schools, and playgrounds on lands formerly used for agricultural purposes. It is likely pesticides were used on these very same lands. As a result, pesticide residue (for example, arsenic and lead) may still be present in our soil today.

We use and store all types of cleaning and commercial products in our homes; releasing chemicals into the indoor air.  Repeated exposure to these chemicals as we go through our daily activities may raise a variety of health concerns, especially for our children. For example, our children’s potential exposure to pesticide residue-laden soils should be of high concern. Incidental ingestion and skin contact may lead to health risks for anyone, but the risk is greater for children as their bodies are smaller and still developing. Also, children are most likely to spend a significant amount of their leisure time in backyards, neighborhood playgrounds, and ball fields. The good news is not everyone’s land contains pesticide residue. A small population of developers and lenders have been pro-active in this arena. Some have assessed levels of pesticide residue prior to residential land development, a responsible and cost effective step, but the majority is still failing to see the value of such pro-active measures.

So what can you do as a home owner, buyer, or builder? Ask questions. If you are a home owner in an area that could be affected, call your developer, real estate agent, and lender. Ask if your land has been tested for pesticide residue. Probe for answers. If you are in the process of buying or building a home, address this issue as soon as possible. The earlier your land is tested (and pesticide issues addressed, if necessary) the quicker you will have healthier roots for your home and family.

To find out how to get your land tested, contact The Mahfood Group at 724.260.5219. Please reference The Healthy Roots Project when you call. If you are a concerned builder, lender, real estate agent or developer, please contact The Mahfood Group at 724.260.5219 for more information.